This collection, resolutely French and Parisian, was born out of the heart of Paris. It is the fruit of extensive research and development efforts with the best furniture craftsmen and bedding specialists. The Stella Cadente Maison teams would like to convey to you the pleasure and inspiration of all the creative hours they have put into their craft. But, above all, they want to share the commitment which allowed them to imagine, conceive and design, with love and passion and in the company of the best European craftsmen, a quality day and night collection for your home. Beautiful, comfortable, playful and, above all, sturdy – so that you are constantly surrounded by beautiful objects.

  • Ergonomic, high-density and high-resilience memory foam which adjusts to the natural body shape and permanently reshapes itself to ensure optimal anatomical support.
  • ErgoVa was specifically designed to improve muscle recovery in order to strengthen and relieve a sensitive back and neck during sleep.
  • Thermo-flexible memory foam providing weight distribution, with enveloping micro-bubbles which adjust according to weight and exerted pressure.
  • DiemNite has been developed to absorb and redistribute pressure and soothe your spine while you sleep.
  • Side high aeration system thanks to the application of the Air 360° device in the 3D all around side band made of micro-aerated linen fabric.
  • LinRespir has been meticulously designed to ensure 3-dimensional integral and reinforced ventilation during sleep.
  • Flexible and cooling, lateral bio-ticking with micro-ventilation, anti-dust mite & antibacterial, ensuring optimal ventilation.
  • NovFresh has been designed to provide a consistently cool sensation while you sleep.
  • Stretch lateral ticking made of micro-flexible linen fabric, anti-dust mite & antibacterial, ensuring optimum air exchange.
  • NovStretch has been developed to ensure hygienic and integral side ultra-aeration while you sleep, thanks to the top-stitched linen fabric.
  • Bio aloe vera lateral ticking, ultra-soft, anti-dust mite & antibacterial ensuring optimum  air exchange and a smooth feel.
  • NovPure has been created to ensure hygienic and integral side ultra-aeration while you sleep, thanks to the bio-aloe vera treatment.
  • Dynamic and restorative foam providing perfectly independent sleeping zones.
  • AirSplit has been designed to provide you with perfect weight distribution while you sleep.
  • Integral high aeration system thanks to the application of the Air 360° device in the all around micro-aerated side band in relief.
  • AirNite has been designed to ensure total and balanced 3-dimensional ventilation while you sleep.
  • Hyper-enveloping cover to provide weight distribution. Based on a combination of HD restorative foams (30kg/m³) arising from our innovations in nanotechnology.
  • NanoSupport has been developed to improve muscle support, to strengthen and relieve a sensitive back and neck while sleeping.
  • Suspension system providing relaxation of the body thanks to an innovative core made up of up to 800 pocket springs per square meter depending on the size, inserted in the centre of an ergonomic HR memory foam.
  • NovCore has been designed to improve the anatomical mattress core, to strengthen and relieve a sensitive back and neck while sleeping.
  • Mattress with a cover removable with a reinforced 360° zip and washable up to 60° thanks to an intelligent easy-care system.
  • RemovTex has been designed for easy regular care and to ensure durability, so that the mattress retains its shape and consistency.
  • Soothing device with 9 comfort zones ideally distributed on the mattress in order to provide ergonomic support of all the relaxation points of the body and adjust to its natural shape.
  • BulTiv has been developed to improve point-to-point muscle relaxation and enhance restorative sleep.
  • Flexible thermo-elastic cover with relaxing micro-bubbles which relieve body movements.
  • AntiStress has been developed to absorb and soothe your body movements to bring you relief while you sleep.


Designed in Paris by the teams from Stella Cadente Maison, each product – mattress, bed, armchair or sofa – has been conceived as a blend of modernity and tradition. The curves of our collection are the fruit of delicate work, combining elegance and innovative design in a pure spirit of French expertise. That is why our brand has won the exclusive honorary labels “Mobilier de designer Français” (French designer furniture) and “Literie de designer Français” (French designer bedding).

Stella Cadente mattresses and beds have been developed in Paris by Stella Cadente and the sleep specialists from Stella Cadente Maison.

The Stella Cadente Maison collection of furniture has been developed in Paris by Stella Cadente and her design team.

  • Stella Cadente Maison is a brand committed to sustainable development principles and the preservation of our beautiful planet. Stella Cadente Maison mattresses, beds and sofas are made in the European Union by craftsmen selected as the most experienced in environmentally responsible manufacturing, in an absolutely environmentally friendly way.